Intro ...


Here I go again, another new web site with no content. I develop web sites for a living. I've never got enough time to attend to my own site or I'm using my own site as a testing ground for my work. So it goes.

For the short term at least, this site will grow. And I'm going to put it under a domain name of it's own so maybe I'll keep my experimental tendancies confined elswhere.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, you can send me a message here if you like.


Important ...

I do earn my living by working with all matters internet so you will see shameless self promotion everywhere. It starts here.

Having said that, I should point out that this is my personal web site and not a commercial site. I like my company logo. It was created for me by Chris Fulcher who is one of the fab folk at Design Image in Southsea. And, because I like my logo so much, I'm going to use the same basic template (for the time being) as my commercial website, including the logo created by Chris and the Flash animation created by me. Hence the 'Slyme Design'. It's my company name.