If you’re here I guess you already know who I am. If you have stumbled in, my name is Simon and this is my web site.

I have had a web site for at least 25 years, probably longer. It was quite useful once, before Facebook and the rest captured everyone’s attention. Now they can’t look away and they mostly think the internet is Facebook, Amazon and Netflix. Oh, and porn.

Ask me about porn on the internet. I don’t feel great about what I suspect that some of it might be doing to consumers and bystanders.

We can be pretty sure that some industry workers are not having much fun either. The answer? Not a clue. Same as fake news and all that malarkey. Terrible stuff but what to do? Censorship, it’s a tricky subject.

Anyway, here I am, not much to say any more. The older I get, the less inclined to share. I’ll share my stuff, sure but not so much of what I think.

I like the tech behind the internet so I’ll always be messing with it I guess. This site is where I can indulge my web site experiments. They will be mostly invisible. I’ll stick some public stuff up in a bit, when the site is working and the background stuff is all in place.

Friday, 7th. of May 2021.