The Protégé’s Progress Part 1

The Carl Goldberg Protégé
Thursday 2nd June 2016

I would have been wrong to ‘strip most of the covering around the bottom and rear of the vertical stabiliser and then cut in some bits of balsa‘ – it would have been too strong in the wrong places.

Best advice so far suggests that the joint between the vertical stabiliser and the fuselage is a low stress one and it’s best if the stabiliser comes off in a crash. Or something like that.

So, the ‘old hands’ would have it that I just glue the stabiliser back in place. I think it would be good for me (maybe the plane too) to restore it as well as I can so I will attach the missing pieces but I won’t cut them in. This may mean that I avoid a lot of re-covering, something I haven’t done yet.

I have another damaged vertical stabiliser (from a much smaller plane) to re-cover today. It will be good practice. It is Cathie’s (my lovely wife) fiftieth birthday today (am I allowed to say that? Too late …) and we’re going shopping for her present … oh, and a heat gun and a heat iron whilst we’re sort of passing the right shops … more later.

Later …

I got a heat gun and a heat iron. I fixed my air plane. The first balsa repair job – looks good, I’m ready to tackle ‘the big one’. We didn’t find a birthday present for Cathie. She seems to be happy that I’m happy. Should I be worried?

Update … She says I should be grateful. I’m not going to argue.

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