Hobbyzone Sportsman S+

4:30 am (ish) Sunday 3rd July 2016.

This plane has been intimidating me for months. I’m a beginner and although I have flown it about four of times, even landed it twice, it usually ends with me throwing the transmitter at my friend whilst yelling, “Just land the b**ger!”

Well, now I know the two things that were freaking me out – one, I need a bigger field and two, in beginner mode I must use lots and lots of rudder.

So, I got up early to get to the field (I was at the HobbKing Live UK event in Suffolk) before anyone else would be there. As it was there was one chap, *Artur Szyndera (more below), up and about and he was equipped with a very nice camera on his phone so he did the honours – thanks Artur.

As you can see, all went well and I am now happy to fly this plane in a big enough area.

*Artur works with clocks and I have seen some pictures of his work. It is fantastic, he can do repairs and has some items for sale. If clocks are your thing then check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/maurycus

Here’s another, more interesting video of the Sportsman in flight: