RC Planes

So … I’ve started messing with radio controlled planes (thanks Matt Beckwith!). All sorts adventures most of them hugely enjoyable others, well, more comical and sometimes quite tragic!

Anyway – I’ll be sticking stuff here mostly for me to discuss with various other RC Plane nutters on the net …

This room was my recording studio/office until a few months ago:


Here’s a video of my ‘flying field’ – very dull unless we are considering various aspects of the field:

Here’s a picture of something I’m building – it’s posted here because I want some help with it …


Here’s the problem:


The lower surface seems to have come out too long for the upper surface – I was expecting the drawn on line (ailerons) to finish in line with the trailing edge of the lower wing surface … hmm … baffled … how did this happen? 🙂